G Squared Solutions is committed to Safety, compliance, lifelong learning, continuous improvement and value.

Whether your project or budget is large or small we commit to providing an honest and ethical service that delivers value to our clients.

Utilising years of experience in lecturing and mentoring in complex scientific areas, we commit to explaining our analyses and conclusions, then underpinning our recommendations with understanding rather than faith and hope.

Ongoing networking and building strong relationships are essential to success, and we commit to strong client relationship management and ongoing participation and involvement with peak industry associations and organisations.

Just as rust never sleeps, science and technology continue to evolve. Whether the technology is aligning field data through geospatial technology, or backend analysis and or data acquisition through cloud computing, we commit to being informed and exploring evolving technologies and new scientific discoveries to most effectively communicate the best analysis and the most appropriate solutions for you.

We have acquired years of experience in the management of quality assurance systems, occupational health and safety systems; with personal involvement in major projects in the water industry, the petrochemical industry, the gas industry, electronics research and development and in education and training.

Competitive Advantage

G Squared Solutions consider our sophisticated analytical capabilities previously demonstrated by the founder Graeme Gummow to reflect the competitive advantage that we offer to our clients.

G Squared Solutions is a Corporate Member of the Australasian Corrosion Association Inc. and actively engage with and draw on resources available through peak bodies such as Consult Australia and the Australian Pipelines and Gas Association