G Squared Solutions was founded in 2013 by Graeme Gummow as a response to industry demand.

ABOUT Graeme Gummow

For those in the industry that know me, then to a large extent you already know the essence of G Squared Solutions, however many of you may not know much about my background.

Almost by accident I found myself working in the Corrosion Section of the Line Plant Branch of Telecom where I had the great honour or working with John Mulvany, my mentor and the man most famously acknowledged as developing and then commercialising Direct Current Voltage Gradient (DCVG) technology.

Recognising my strong electronics R&D background, John Mulvany allowed and encouraged me to invent the Variable Conductance Drainage Bond (VCDB) now employed at many locations by Energy Safe Victoria throughout Melbourne for auto‑controlled electrolysis drainage of stray traction currents.

Through our multimedia Company I developed several training and promotional multimedia CD products for large clients, wrote the software for an online training system used by CFA and engaged with subject matter experts to storyboard Wildfire and Low Structural Fire Fighting modules.

My industry participation over the last decade has earned me a proud reputation for enthusiasm and commitment toward governance, due diligence, formal standards, continuous improvement, emerging technologies, CP, LFI, electronics and some serious mathematical analysis.

Our Commitments

Within the scope of our capabilities, most specifically in the domains of Cathodic Protection Stray Electrolysis Currents and Hazardous Voltages. We remain committed to:

  • Safety, safety training, safe work practices, asset safety and public safety.
  • Adopting mature and stable open source technology and open standards with the technologies we deploy, thereby maximising data compatibility and minimising legacy risks.
  • Verification and validation of our processes.
  • Demonstrating industry leadership by applying sound reasoning and good engineering to solve old obstinate and often intractable problems associated with the gatherings and processing of field data.
  • Ongoing assistance to pipeline authorities in their review, writing, or rewriting of in‑house Standards; whether that relates to Equipment Performance Standards, Field Investigations and Data Collection Standards, Governance Standards or Reporting Standards.
  • Helping our clients understand pipeline compliance requirements, likely impediment to compliance and likely avenues to higher compliance reliability or more cost effective long term compliance management.