G Squared Solutions core strengths are in the areas of Cathodic Protection (CP), Stray Current Corrosion (Electrolysis) and Low Frequency Induction (LFI).

We deliver these through:

  • Field investigations, data collection, analysis and recommendations reporting;
  • Complete systems designs or comprehensive analytical reviews of pipelines systems;
  • Policy development and documentation for Authorities seeking to review in‑house standards.

Data Collection

We have the skills and experience to collect field data, whether that is soil resistivity measurements, protective earthing or anode ground bed systems loop resistance, pipeline polarisation potentials or data logging charts for analysis of Telluric interference or traction stray current interference.


We have a unique collection of tools and methods developed and proven over many years within the industry to mathematically and logically assess and deconstruct often stubborn and sometimes intractable problems that typically fail to resolve when conventional "rules of thumb" are applied.


We are committed to good governance in every respect; in assisting pipeline Authorities to review and refine their policies, procedures and internal standards; in developing long term asset management strategies focused on diligence and durability and by combining research and historical data to promote and share evidence based learning.

Data Collection  ·  Inspection  ·  Investigation  ·  Analysis  ·  Compliance Advice  ·  Governance Strategies  ·  Specifications  ·  Recommendations