G Squared Solutions is a technology based consultancy specialising in analysis and mitigation of electrolysis corrosion and hazardous voltages on metallic pipelines to Australian Standards.

We work with Australian Water Utilities

G Squared Solutions predominantly services clients in Australia and New Zealand. In Australia we work actively with water utilities in Victoria, QLD, NSW and WA.

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G Squared Solutions consults to Australian and New Zealand clients. For NZ clients, we work in conjunction with our NZ partner organisation that has local presence and expertise.

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Our target client base is water, petrochemical, gas pipeline authorities and larger engineering companies managing capital works projects for those authorities where we provide specialised compliance advice prominently in the areas of Cathodic Protection, Stray Current Corrosion and Low Frequency Induction.

Drawing on an array of analytical methods and a significant multidisciplinary reservoir of experience, we endeavour to provide our client base with the value added benefit of understanding their compliance problems and the cost benefit trade-offs of the competing strategies and solutions available to them. 


What We Offer

Adapting a suite of in-house utilities from Geospatial Databases, Geographic Information Systems, mathematical modelling tools and customised applications, we seek market leadership in the manner by which we assess conjecture and speculation, verify conclusions, validate recommendations and visually communicate understandings, meaning and implications to our clients.


G Squared Solutions provide a comprehensive consultancy service to pipeline constructors, pipeline engineering companies and pipeline Authorities in the design, specification, installation, commissioning and ongoing monitoring of cathodic protection systems and related methods for mitigating electrolysis, stray current corrosion and the induction of hazardous voltages onto metallic pipelines.